How effective is Push Notifications ?

How would you like to send a message popup to any device with attractive message? When push notification based on right marketing follow and right filters it will more effective than other marketing tools.

Are native push notifications better marketing tool on mobiles than other type of marketing ?

Push notification became more popular due to better UI and UX and direct messaging into devices with user interactive required.

As for user has to react push notification with ignore or follow link of marketing promotion, push notification is more interactive solution.

Mobile devices more used than desktop devices which results, push notification goes directly into devices result as more successful promotions leads.

But push notifications are very smart. They are short and can’t be ignored.

Push Notification has been designed for increasing user engagement. It is completely user choice to whether they want to opt-in for the services or not.


Push Notification is a Multi-platform marketing tool which can be enabled on smart devices and computers with in a range of any device can check web site can be accessible via push notification service.

You can send blanket messages, announcing an offer or a discount. You can personalise that too, based on user behaviour and increase sales.


When sent at the right time, it has amazing open rates and increases conversions by 3x. Case study that says it really does!

You can take them to the right page (back linking the product pages) and complete the purchase cycle quicker.


Easy personalization. With SMS, you are limited to 160 characters for your message apart from rigid formatting constraints. You can get creative with pushes. For instance, iOS allows you to add a custom sound to your push, while Android allows you to add an image to your push, among other things.

Importantly, Malta Web Design push notification service allows you to personalize your pushes with information we gather from the user profiles can be targeted as well as user action/inaction information. As example, let’s say that the sales of a specific product are waning among users of yours in a particular location (say Europe). You can send a push notification targeting those users with localization targeting) who added that product to their cart (action) and didn’t purchase it (inaction).

Push Notification Cost. SMS would be costlier for the sender since it requires a dedicated telephone network for its delivery versus push, which uses the inexpensive, shared resources of the internet. SMS adds an additional cost for the sender (and receiver, if they’re charged for incoming messages) when they’re trying to reach users spread globally. However, with push there’s no additional cost/effort required to make it work globally.

Drawback of push notification

Many users might find push notifications annoying too, but you need to decide the smartness, timing and relevance of sending a push notification.

If user doesn’t accept push notification, this channel will be closed for until user change it is settings, in other mean you can offer push notification acceptance to a user which put you in ignore list.