Best Digital Marketing Groups on Facebook

Digital Marketing is a shifting industry, which evolves with education, new inputs and trends into industry. Evolving biggest fuel is the human interaction and social sharing experiments. Here we help you with a list a digital marketing groups of active facebook groups, on any level of digital marketing questions can be replied and discussed with mentors of digital marketing aspects.

Digital Marketing Question & Answers

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Members: 68.844
Owner: Sorav Jain
Type: closed
Topics: marketing, entrepreneurship, content marketing, blogging


The group helps digital marketers, business owners, and students alike to connect and share their knowledge and experience. It’s actively moderated, so there is little to no spam.

The owners of the Digital Marketing Question and Answers host an event every Thursday called #GuruCoolThursday. During this Q&A session, a member of the group shares his or her thoughts on a particular digital marketing topic. As of right now, they’ve hosted more than 30 experts. There are more live sessions and contests in the group, too.

Digital Marketing Hub

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Members: 36,122
Owner: Prateek Shah
Type: public
Topics: entrepreneurship, marketing, CRO, growth hacking


The group started off as an offline meetup for digital marketers, which then turned into an online community.

For a growing industry like digital marketing, the group owners felt the need to bring together industry folks who would ‘learn, share and grow’ together. Despite one of the groups original objectives to promote the owner’s venture (Digital Defynd), it’s now a vibrant community packed with helpful posts.

The group is spam‐free. All unwanted promotions, spammy messages, and subtle marketing attempts are swiftly dealt with by the group admins and moderators, who keep a close eye on things. There’s no ‘leader’ around here: everybody tries to help everybody, thus helping it stay an open‐ended network. There are a lot of regular Q&As, polls, discussions, and interview series. All that holds things together and helps the group to thrive.

Digital Marketing Strategies For Entrepreneurs

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Members: 21,592
Owner: Hernan Vazquez
Type: closed
Topics: entrepreneurship, marketing, CRO, growth hacking


Hernan Vazquez created this group to provide a place for digital marketers and entrepreneurs to share ideas, tools, deals and foster a community of like‐minded individuals. Now it counts over 2,500 members. Here you can learn about Facebook Ads, sales funnels, email marketing, copywriting, and everything that helps you to take your online business to the next level.

They do weekly live AMA/Q&A events and have recently launched a series of interviews with people within the group. One will find lots of motivation and answers here, as well as various tools and deals for group members, and news on the digital marketing industry.

Badass Marketers & Founders

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Members: 21,588
Owner: Josh Fechter
Type: closed
Topics: entrepreneurship, marketing, CRO, growth hacking


When founding the group, Josh Fechter didn’t expect to get such a large number of members. The idea was to introduce the concept of growth hacking to marketers and founders. Now the group is known for its high‐quality marketing guides. The members of the group are also often highlighted in video interviews and blog posts. And four books were put together from the content posted in the group.

The admins vet all user posts before publishing them. That way, when content does get posted, members are more likely to check out what it is since they know it will be valuable. There are also giveaways every month.

Marketing Solved

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Members: 12,770
Owner: Kat Sullivan
Type: closed
Topics: marketing, social media


Kat Sullivan created this group to provide support and training to small business owners and marketers. She did so after noticing that there weren’t many such groups where the owner was active and involved, so she decided to “solve” this problem with Marketing Solved.

There are many special events in the group, such as threads to support business owners three times a week. Kat Sullivan also runs Instagram MondayPromote Your Business Wednesday, and Facebook Friday. This is a group where people connect, grow their social media accounts, and establish strong relationships with other members. Live coaching and giveaways are hosted there around once a month. Kat considers live coaching a great way to get to know new members and support them in their businesses.

SaaS Growth Hacks

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Members: 9,327
Owner: Aaron Krall
Type: closed
Topics: entrepreneurship, marketing, CRO, growth hacking


Aaran founded this group to fill a gap in the market: the lack of a quality community for SaaS founders around the world. It’s a place where they can get together, share insights and motivate each other to build great products. Anyone who is scaling, growing or starting a SaaS business is welcome to join the group.

The community here is extremely open‐minded, eager to answer questions and help in solving issues. It’s not uncommon for the founders of multi‐million dollar SaaS companies like Intercom and AdEspresso to have conversations about growth strategies here. AMA sessions and deals on various products are regular occurrences in the group. New users receive a warm welcome in weekly promotional threads where anyone can post their deals for the group.

PICASSO Content Marketing

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Members: 7,164
Owner: Paul Clifford Bannister
Type: closed
Topics: marketing, content curation


PICASSO Content Marketing is a group for advocates of the popular content marketing framework: PICASSO (Plan, Infrastructure, Create, Amplify, Syndicate, Share, Outcome).

The group focuses on helping members grow their businesses using content marketing techniques. The vast majority of members are marketers, bloggers, ebook writers, podcasters, and video/course creators.

The community is active, and group members are eager to help one another by answering questions and solving content marketing challenges. The group admins post daily “how‐to” videos and run weekly live Q&A sessions on the products, strategies, and courses.

Conversion Optimization, Analytics &Growth

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Members: 3,369
Owner: Peep Laja
Type: public
Topics: marketing, CRO, growth hacking


Peep Laja initially started a forum, but it was his Facebook group that ended up gaining popularity. The group members start most discussions, but industry leaders are also there to participate in conversations and share their opinions on everything CRO and growth‐related.

The owners don’t allow anyone to dump links or spam the group. Instead, the users get access to a vibrant community for CRO‐focussed marketers. This means that users can get expert answers to their questions, fast! They also get advice on analytic, growth, tag managers and so on.

SaaS Products & Marketing

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Members: 2,051
Owner: Tomer Aharon
Type: public
Topics: marketing, entrepreneurship, social media


This group helps SaaS founders and digital marketers share knowledge, ideas and growth hacks.

The group is open to all founders looking to launch a product. The owners post weekly articles from the blog with recommendations for tools and marketing tips that help beginners and advanced marketers alike. From time to time, they have interviews with other SaaS founders or digital agency owners, where they ask about their story and how they grew their business. The strict anti‐spam policy makes this group a friendly space for marketers.

Choice of Self Development Up to You!

Your choice to join facebook groups for digital marketing, the value you get out of it and success for implementing to your digital aurora that is a happy result. This narrowed list is here to save time to learn share and develop ideas.

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