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Push Notification Service

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Would like to find out how you could boost your apps & websites performance, thanks to our wide supplier services, the most advanced Push Notification Technology can be in your hands in minutes.

Malta Web Design can help you Communicate in a targeted, personalized, automated and synchronized way with your app users & website visitors.

Push Notification and In-App Messaging Features


Wide Array of Formats

The richest set of formats!

Push notifications, rich-push notifications, in-app messages (pop-ups, banners, interstitials), as well as an In-App Notifications Inbox… you will find more than you expect for your Push CRM!




Target effectively!

Leverage collected data (user profile, preferences, in-app behavior, reaction to previous campaigns, location, CRM Data…) to create custom dynamic segments.



Dynamic Personalization

Make your Push stand out!

Name, age, gender, town, interests, in-app actions, device, OS… personalization possibilities are just limitless, and will boost your app reaction rates by up to 4 times!



Real-Time Geotargeting

Geofencing made easy!

Leverage Geofencing and iBeacon to drive customers in store by triggering a push notification when they walk by, unlocking specific content to users in definite locations, setting-up location-based events…




Automated Push Notifications!

Easily set-up advanced trigger marketing campaigns and let Accengage deliver relevant messages to your users for you: welcoming users, anti-churn messages, birthday wishes, upselling and cross-selling actions…



Analyzing performance!

Target audience, number of push notifications sent, amount of reached users, bounce rate, click rate, impressions… you will get all the key metrics you need to find out how your push notifications and in-app campaigns perform.